Uber apologizes for tweeting racial slur

Uber apologizes for tweeting racial slur

There’s a certain elegance to the troll here. Knowing that Twitter doesn’t moderate racist terms of abuse, and realizing that Uber’s Twitter support account is a dumbly overfamiliar auto-response bot, it was easy for someone to make it say anything they wante…

Man attempts to walk an ATM home with him

This video depicts a man walking a presumed-stolen ATM down the street, then trying to haul it onto a bus. “I’ll split it with you,” he says to the bus driver. The bus driver closes the doors, thereby declining the offer. “We coulda made money together!” the …

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Is Ready for a Throne of Some Kind at the 2019 Met Gala

Sophie Turner, the actor behind Sansa Stark on ‘Game of Thrones,’ came to the Met Gala ready to play in matching looks with Joe Jonas.

How to Memorize a Speech

Memorizing a speech for a class, work presentation, or other affair can be an intimidating task for some people. Fortunately, whether you’re memorizing a long soliloquy or a short report, there are multiple methods you can use for memorizing your speech. The …

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