Jodi Arias' conviction in ex's murder upheld by Arizona appeals court

Jodi Arias’ conviction in ex’s murder upheld by Arizona appeals court

“We conclude that Arias was convicted based upon the overwhelming evidence of her guilt, not as a result of prosecutorial misconduct,” the ruling states.

Was Tulip Mania really the first great financial bubble?

Has the notorious collapse in tulip prices been misunderstood?

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum: Who is Dubai’s ruler?

The billionaire has overseen the emirate’s transformation into a top business and tourism centre.

The 2020 Chevy Corvette is good and will only getter better

What’s a Corvette? To me, the formula is simple: Loads of power in an affordable package that can hold two golf bags. For the past 62 years, that meant putting the engine in the front and a stick shift on the floor. And now it’s all different, and it’s the st…

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